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Mr. DeGraw's Platform

Why are you running for office?

As a resident Salem, I can positively say that we enjoy a special quality of life - which I want to preserve. To say it another way, Salem has given my family and I much. I feel it my civic responsibility to give back, especially when there is a lack of civic participation.  

Why is local government important to you?

The decisions municipal government make may be more impactful to the every day lives of citizens than anything enacted at the state and federal level. For example, city governments have a obligation to help reduce our tax burden, provide for our immediate safety, and provide services that ensure our basic needs are met. They also have an important role to play in the health and well-being as citizens. For these reasons, its important that we elect capable and ethical individuals who understand the value and importance of good municipal governance.  

What change do you hope to affect through your time on the City Council?

To ensure high-level availability and coverage of Salem's emergency services. Continued support for our outstanding Parks and Recreation Department which provides a health and well-being benefit to our community. Minimize the tax burden to our citizens. To support and help promote the Arts and Humanities in our community. To support to every extent possible, individual and group efforts to address Title IX issues in Salem's public schools (Nebo School District). To provide support for individuals and groups who look to increase understanding of and help treat the youth mental health crisis in Utah at a community level.  

What is the most pressing issue facing your community?

Aside from youth mental health issues and sexual harassment (Title IX) in our schools? Growth. Salem's population has doubled since 2000. We need to make sure our response to demand considers the now and future impact to our community, the services Salem provides, and the resources we have a stewardship over.   

How do you plan to solve it?

We need to always have and regularly update a community master plan. Master plans help a municipality anticipate growth and development and its related impact. Secondly, those who are developing and building within Salem City limits must pay their share of "growth costs" through impact fees. Such fees help to absorb expansion by covering costs associated with scaling roads, delivery systems, and other city services for example.   

How do you plan to connect with voters?

I am currently use social media and my website to inform voters on my positions. Additionally, I attend our monthly city council meetings and make a concerted effort to interact with attendees before and after. I also look forward to either a townhall or meet-the-candidate event prior to ballot distribution where I can have direct interaction with voters who have questions. I also invite voters to reach out to me directly through email, phone, text or social media.  

How will you target young people (18 to 35 year olds) and non-voting members of the community in your campaign?

I would encourage young voters to engage me using social media, phone, text, or email. I would also encourage those interested in knowing more about my platform or about me personally go to www.timdegrawforSCC.org. I can be contacted at 801.830.7241 or tim.degraw04@gmail.com.

What do you want voters to know about you?

I am capable, practical, prudent, and ethical. I love my God, family, and country. I love Salem. I cannot imagine a better place to have raised my family. I have always been taught to be civically-minded and encouraged to participate in our country's political processes - especially by exercising my right to vote.

I am a graduate of Utah State University with a degree in Political Science. In my career I have held many senior and executive-level positions within the BPO and tech industries. I've been fortunate to have traveled the world in my work . I have had broad exposure to the world's cultures, economies, and governments. Both my education and private-sector experience provide me a rich foundation of knowledge to draw on when making important decisions impacting our community.  


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