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Cory Thompson

Elk Ridge

Running for a 4 year seat


Mr. Thompson's Platform

Why are you running for office?

Too often people don't get involved at the local level, even though your city council likely has more impact on your daily life than anything else. Its time to be a contributor.

Why is local government important to you?

More than any other level of government, local government determines day to day living.

What change do you hope to affect through your time on the City Council?

Try to encourage business development in Elk Ridge, and help the city with its administrative processes over time. I also think a good grant writer could potentially help Elk Ridge overcome some of its issues.

What is the most pressing issue facing your community?

Water and sewer 

How do you plan to solve it?

A systematic approach to upgrading our sewer system would be a great start, along with any assistance from State or National government that we could get

How do you plan to connect with voters?

I'm happy to take an email, a text message, or a phone call anytime.

How will you target young people (18 to 35 year olds) and non-voting members of the community in your campaign?

I don't really plan to target any particular age group. I hope that everyone in the community will feel engaged and empowered to participate, give feedback, and make a change in their community.

What do you want voters to know about you?

That I care about the community I live in, and want to make it a better place for everyone.


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