A Bit About Us

Who We Are

Utah's legislative session is 45 days. We shouldn't stop paying attention the other 320 days of the year.


Across the country, record waves of activism from students have rallied, marched, and shouted in the face of injustices. These large-scale actions have brought much-needed change. Project 320 seeks to highlight the more local opportunities for action, and most importantly, build relationships with the representatives who write policy. 


A lack of high quality civic education and access to democratic processes has led to widespread disinterest in government. Project 320 is designed to engage students with their local government throughout the year, not just during the news cycles of the legislative session or election day. We're a by youth, for youth organization to build relationships and address apathy.


A Bit About Us 

Essentials of Engagement

  • Authenticity 

    • We prioritize youth-driven, story-based, and honest civic engagement. Action in local politics should emphasize the expertise gained from lived experience. 

  • Community

    • Respect, trust, and empathy are pillars of a supportive community. We build spaces and online discourse to promote these values.


Our goal is to promote young people in Utah County becoming interested and informed about politics in their own communities. We aim to do so in a few key ways,

  1. Generate questions and stories around local policy 

  2. Share opportunities to act in the civic arena 

  3. Increase voter registration rates 

  4. Connect young people to their representatives